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Travel blogger from Johor, Malaysia who enjoy tasting different food, explore the world, performing art, photography and coding.

7 Steps to Huat on LiChun 2018 by Master Paw

The year 2017 is ending soon. New year 2018 is coming soon.   This post is summarising the 7 secret  steps of HUAT / increase your wealth method  on LiChun 2018. This post is based on Master Paw table calendar. Lichun of 2018 starts on 4 February 2017, Sunday 5:28am. Therefore, the …

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3 Steps to Invite the God of Wealth in year 2017 – by Master Paw

God of Wealth 2017

According to Wikipedia, The God of Wealth / CaiShen (财神) is the Chinese god of prosperity worshiped in the Chinese folk religion and Taoism. Chinese folks like wealth is a general statement. Thus, during Chinese New Year, some families will practice the ceremony to invite Caishen. The purpose is to …

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8 Days 7 Nights Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas Experience

Date: 29 October 2015 – 5 November 2015 Places: Singapore, Bangkok, Ho Chi Min On 5 November, LerLer Chan sent us to Danga City Mall to board on Coach to Singapore.traveledlled via Second Link to Marina Bay Cruise Center, at 61, Marina Coastal Drive, Singapore. Our dear daughter, Rain Chan …

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Benefits of Travelling Solo

Will I survive this solo trip? Who will take my pictures? Who will I talk to? I don’t want to feel lonely. It’s frightening! Sounds familiar? The reason you are reading this article is because you have thought about travelling by yourself. Let me tell you this, you are not …

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Iskandar Malaysia Analysis from Feng Shui Perspective

For the past ten years, Johor undergoes tremendous changes. Johor attracted the most foreign direct investment (FDI) among states in Malaysia.There are many factors to support the success. Chinese belief that the right timing, right location and right society is a good catalyst to start a new project. Malaysia Federal …

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8 Steps to HUAT in year 2016 on LiChun by Master Paw

The open secret about Chinese culture is love money. Money makes the world go round. Chinese New Year 2016 is coming soon. Facebook and Instagram are circulating different information to “HUAT” or “ONG” in 2016. But, have you thought about the significant behind it? Why should you do so? For …

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7 Steps to Huat on LiChun 2017 by Master Paw

The best time to bank in on Lichun 2017

The year 2016 is ending soon. New year 2017 is coming soon. This year, Master Paw created a simple video for a better understanding.  This post is summarising the 7 secret  steps of HUAT / increase your wealth method  on LiChun 2017 Lichun of 2017 starts on 3 February 2017, Friday …

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