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I am Yuki Ng. Lifestyle & Travel blogger. Lyricist, Image Stylist & Model.

Getting shapely and “mochi” like skin with David Loh Surgery-part 2

Collagen and metabolism reduces greatly as we age, so what’s the best method to fight these “reductions” ? Vaser Liposuction and Nano fat grafting procedure! What is Vaser Liposuction? VASER LipoSelection® is a power-assisted liposuction technique. It is called LipoSelection because the vibrations from ultrasonic waves are used to selectively break up fat deposits. …

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The Watch from a Bygone Era: Chaplin by Don Kylne & Co

A watch is a watch, is a watch …. that may be what the majority believe, but for the discerning individual, the watch on your wrist should communicate more than the time. It should display your penchant for finer things and desire to live your life outside the mundane box. …

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7 business strategies to Catch 'em all !

Ride on the wave and allow us to “WAO” business owners with 7 simple strategies to Catch em all ! If you have been on another planet and have not caught on the news or action on Pokémon Go, allow us to take you through the basics of Pokemon Go. …

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“China's snake spirit” “strikes” again

Liu Zi Chen or better known as “China’s snake spirit” “strikes” again. However as opposed to the previous saga-s whereby Liu “strikes”netizens with his sharp comments, the current saga portrayed Liu as the victim. According to a devastated Liu as shown in his youtube video, beatings from the group of …

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