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Christmas Love Roadshow @ Novena Square 2

Christmas Roadshow @ Novena Square 2

Hey readers from Waoblog!

It took me quite a while to get use to writing here as it felt so different. So here’s one sharing my experiences on the Christmas Love Roadshow at Novena Square 2!

Christmas roadshow novena square 2
Christmas Love Roadshow at Novena square 2 (13 November to 26 November)

You might thinking, roadshows like these are a dime a dozen. So did I, but this is the first time I had the opportunity to visit from vendor to vendor, listen to their little pitches and sample almost everything!

So I thought I shall share with you my top 3 favourites so that you guys can keep a look out for them if you ever see the brand or stall again!

I Love Konjac

I first got to know about Konjac from Lady First aka 女人我最大 when they recommend carb replacement meals for those on diet. So this low-calorie, high fiber, zero gluten food is definitely a favourite amongst health-conscious people.

I love Konjac
I Love Konjac

Made from all natural plant, this might be on a pricey side for people, as compared to normal noodles and food, but you know, you gotta pay for the quality and ingredient.

Joan Jelly Bean

This is one of the most photo-worthy booth amongst the rest. Made from agar-agar, the creative jelly were made into all sorts of shapes, animals, and from what I heard, they are mostly made from natural food colouring!
Creative JellyThe mahjong tiles is ingenious and the ramen look alike dishes makes me no longer crave for the inedible sample outside Japanese shops! I got a Pikachu one from Joan!

Gold Cake from Indonesia

Inspired by Japanese Castella Cakes, Gold Cake is an Indonesian brand that is so soft that it taste just like ice-cream (soft) cake even if you eat it straight from the freezer.

Gold Cake
Gold Cake

Coming from a family who is not a fan of creamy cakes, we got a pandan flavoured one and everyone love it.

Is there any particular booth that caught your attention when you’re doing your Christmas shopping? Do share with us here!

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