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“scores to keyboard” be gone, with Casio CT-X

“scores to keyboard” be gone, with Casio CT-X

My struggles

I struggled through my songwriting and music composition while I was pursuing my music career, which I still am now.

It’s writing of music scores and back to the keyboard again and music scores and back to the keyboard again – A painful process that I am sure most in the music industry will agree with.


The solution to scores to keyboard and scores to keyboard again…

April 2018  I was being invited to the CT-X launch and I was totally hyped up again!

Now, what’s so awesome about this CT-X series?

It’s definitely a gadget/ instrument perfect for any music composer or budding music composer!

Casio Singapore announced that it will release four new electronic keyboards with specifications that can cater to beginners to serious performers. The CTX700/X800/X5000/X3000 keyboards feature the new AiX Sound Source,*1 which reproduces the appealing sound of acoustic instruments, and a new audio system that generates powerful sound.


Main Features of the CT-X5000 and CT-X3000

  • AiX Sound Source Reproduces the Natural Sound of Acoustic Instruments

The keyboards provide high-quality tones across every category of instrument, faithfully reproducing subtle nuances and gestures specific to each type of sound. The user can customize tones to taste using 100 DSP effects that combine various algorithms, three system effects (reverb, chorus, and delay) and 10 equalizer preset.


  • Wide Range of Tones and Rhythm Patterns Support Diverse Musical Genres

An extensive library of 800 tones and 235 rhythms supports diverse musical genres, and applications from a composition, to arranging, to live performance.


  • New Speaker System Delivers Powerful Sound

The keyboards feature large-magnet bass reflex speakers and a 15W+15W high-output amplifier (maximum output of CT-X5000 model) to deliver powerful sounds for home or performance use.


  • Registration Function for Instant Recall of Performance Setups

The Registration function enables the user to save up to 128 keyboard setups including tones and rhythms. The user can instantly switch between complex playing patterns and tone/rhythm setups without configuring them every time, enabling versatile and seamless performance.


  • Composing and Arranging Features Help Bring Ideas to Life

In addition to configuring and saving tones and rhythms to suit the user, the keyboards provide a variety of features for composing and arranging. The Phrase Recorder allows users to record a musical phrase that can be instantly triggered using any of the four pads. The mixer can handle 42 different parts and the 17-track MIDI sequencer can save up to 10 original songs.


  • Accessory Jacks and Ports for Performing, Composing, and Arranging

An assignable jack can be used with either a footswitch or expression pedal. Also provided are an audio input jack for connecting external audio equipment, and a class-compliant USB port for connecting to a computer. An additional USB port supports memory devices to easily save and load data created on the CT-X5000/X3000.


  • Friendly User Interface Offers a Wide Range of Applications

The keyboards provide an expanded Registration function and four phrase pads, together with direct access buttons for Tap Tempo, Transpose, and Octave switching making the keyboards suitable for stage and live performances, as well as music schools and music classrooms.


  • Sophisticated Styling Matches the Advanced Specifications

The powerful speakers are embellished with distinctive red highlights, giving the keyboards a stylish, iconic look. The CT-X5000 is distinguished by a gray metallic finish that adds to the sophisticated styling.


It’s just me and my CT-X

 With the CT-X series, (I personally like the CT-X 5000), I can concentrate on producing better music pieces with my pre-recorded tracks and compose along as I go.  Budding composer can consider the CT-X3000, which is more than sufficient till your next “upgrade”.

The CT-X700 (SRP: $419), CT-X800 (SRP: $449), CT-X3000 (SRP: $799), and CT-X5000 (SRP:$899) keyboards will be available at selected music dealers.

CASIO CT-X Keyboards – The Revolution of Sound. Discover the CT-X keyboards for rich and powerful arrangements. Kevin André Welch plays the CT-X5000 showing some of the built-in sounds.


All models in the CT-X line are equipped with the AiX Sound Source, which authentically reproduces the characteristic sounds of acoustic and electronic instruments. The audio system in the two top-of-the-range CT-X5000 and CT-X3000 models boasts a rich and powerful sound.

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