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Music Review – I’m Pets

Music Review – I’m Pets

Pets Tseng took part in the second season of One Million Stars, a popular singing competition in Taiwan, seven years ago. She later participated in several drama series, which raved good reviews from viewers with her realistic acting. Seven years later, Pets is back with her debut album “I’m Pets”!


“Just Lost A Little” speaks of how just one person you love can cause one so much heartache. Pets’ first hit offers consolation and strength to those whose lost a person they love but yet are still doing whatever they can to see the smile on the one they love.

“I’m Pets” also included her previous hit “One Person’s Missing A Person”, and her self-composed song “Rattling Roads”. A total of 14 songs of different genres from ballads to electric rock, this album will definitely have a song for everyone.

Rating: 3.5/5 stars
Album @Amped: 我是曾沛慈 I’m Pets
Wikipedia :Pets Tseng


“Just Lost A Little”

Some say you lose it once you have it. In love, it’s always having it all or losing it all. And when the time comes to say goodbye, heartaches are unavoidable.

“We just have to imagine ourselves as angels, singing by the ear of the people we love.” Pets says.

“One Person’s Missing A Person”

Soundtrack from the drama, <KO One Return 2>, this song made it way on the charts when it first aired. A heart-breaking ballad of a person missing things once done by two people and yet is not in time to regret.

“Black Framed Spectacles”

As a person who wears black frame spectacles when off stage, Pets was very delighted when she first heard the demo. And to make the song relate better to herself, she even took part and included her own habits like “sneezing when feeling unsecure” into the lyrics! Pets recorded this song into twenty different types of vocal from kawaii Japanese student voice, to being a bad girl and even a rocker style, just to better express the song through just her voice!



Dawn Chua bk
Translator: Dawn Chua
Yuki Ng bk

Writer: Yuki Ng
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