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Yuki Ng Calf Slimming Botox Injection at David Loh Surgery

Yuki Ng Calf Slimming Botox Injection at David Loh Surgery


Whether the legs are beautiful, slim and firm, is what most women care the most. They always dream to have a pair of sexy legs . There are a lot of reasons for leg obesity, it might be due to  genes or bad habits such as sitting for too long without any exercise which causes fat, edema and cellulite accumulation around the thigh or the wrong walking posture in high heel which causes the formation of a thick calves.

As for my own, I used to be very active as school track and field athletes during my school time, the high amount of intensive exercise had caused my calf muscles to be very strong and thick, resulting in my big and bulky calves. I often feel very upset and have lost confidence especially in occasion that requires me to wear dress or skirts. I often wonder, what is the solution to my thick calves?


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My Savior-Calf Slimming Botox Injection

There are two different solutions for big and thick calves depending on whether what type of calves you have : fat calves or muscular calves. For fat calves, the correct solution is liposuction while for muscular calves, the solution would be the calf slimming injection. After examination, Dr Phoon from David Loh Surgery affirmed that my legs are muscular type, there are no fat to be extracted, hence the doctor suggested to use Botox injection to relax the muscles and reduce the size of the muscles so that my calves will become slimmer.


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What is Botox   Botulinum Toxin is produced to paralyze and to cause muscle atrophy. After the injection, it can block the signal transmission between the muscles and  the nerves. As a result, without getting any exercise order, the muscles will gradually shrink and turn smaller. Botox can shrink the gastrocnemius muscle by about 1 or 2 centimeter and you can feel the change on your calves in around 2 weeks time! This change will have its peak effect in 2 months after the injection.   _Calf Slimming Botox Injection017 _Calf Slimming Botox Injection016   How the surgery is performed   Before the operation, anesthesia will be applied externally on the calf for about 15 minutes. Both of my legs were injected 100 units which took only 30 mintues. You will feel the sensation of needle penetrating your skin but not to the extent of feeling painful. The dose required is depending on patient’s calf muscles. The dose must be accurate or else it will cause excessive muscle atrophy and uneven legs. Although it is a simple and common treatment but careful selection of professional qualified doctor is also very important, only then best effect can be achieved.     _Calf Slimming Botox Injection006_Calf Slimming Botox Injection009

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Progressive Result

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Maintenance after injection

There is a bruise on my spot of injection, that was because of the pressure applied during injection caused the blood vessel to rupture slightly, but no worries, the bruise will recover within 2 weeks. Remember, never do fomentation or any massage! All you need to do is just moisturize your skin to help skin repair after the injection. It is recommended not to wear heel if  possible in order to have longer lasting effect.


Budget recommendation

The cost is calculated by injection unit. As for mine, both of my legs were injection 100 unit each costing $2000 singapore dollar.


Treatment Q&A:

Q1. How long does it last?

The effect normally last for an average of 6 months. In order to maintain the effect, it is recommended to receive injection once every six month. However, if injection is done once every 3 time continuously for 3 to 5 times, the muscle will shrink permanently and it will not rebound easily. The main function of botox is to relax the muscle, but the calf muscles are what we often use, this is why the effect will not last very long.

Q2. Will it rebound and become worse than before?

The worst scenario would be the calf muscles return to its previous form. It will not become worse.

Q3. Will the injection affect the walking posture?

Some people may feel soreness on their feet but that is muscle relaxation and it will not affect your walking posture.

Q4. Safety and side effects

Currently botox injection has a no or at most minimal side effect cases, the worst scenario is just a temporary soreness, bruise and headache. If  you have any problem you can always go back to your clinic to ask for further detailed examination from your physician.

Q5. Condition which is not suitable to inject botox?

Medicine allergy Myasthenia gravis Pregnant, breast-feeding women Those who are suffering skin allergic inflammation, please complete your treatment before injection.



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Beautiful Dr Phoon(  About Dr Phoon Yi Shan )


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Botox treatment for calf muscles have fulfilled my dream of having a pair of slim and sexy legs! Though it does not last forever, but I believe this is the solution to people like me who always wanted to have a pair of beautiful legs! The best part is, you can now have your dream legs without going through a lot of pain and efforts!

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