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Fat to Fab shapely thighs with David Loh Surgery Part 1

I am a big fan of workouts, yoga and recently into Bachata dance. I have been trying all methods to get shapely thighs through exercises and after years of Yoga, running , getting shapely thighs sure feels like impossible. This is where I started intense research on Liposuction and decided to learn more about the procedures of Vaser Liposuction at David Loh Surgery located at Novena Medical Centre.

dr daid loh surgery29VASER LipoSelection fat transfer

Dr Phoon Yi Shan of David Loh Surgery explained that they be using VASER LipoSelection® for my liposuction procedure. VASER LipoSelection®is a power-assisted liposuction technique. It is called LipoSelection because the vibrations from ultrasonic waves are used to selectively break up fat deposits.  The broken up fat deposits are much easier to suck out. As such, VASER makes the task of liposuction easier. The final results as with any form of liposuction still depends on the skill and experience of the surgeon.

dr daid loh surgery23VASER LipoSelection fat transfer dr daid loh surgery19VASER LipoSelection fat transfer

Aside from Liposuction, Dr Phoon Yi Shan also explained that I will also be able to use the extracted fat from my thighs to boost up my skin’s complexion with a method called Nano Fat Grafting, which again I be sharing more in details in my upcoming post.

dr daid loh surgery06VASER LipoSelection fat transfer

Before I continue with my subsequent posts here are the points that made me proceed with the procedure with David Loh Surgery by Dr David Loh and Dr Phoon Yi Shan. As mentioned and seen from my social media channels, my readers out there will know that I am an active person from Yoga to dancing, running etc. I must say that I have lost weight but my thighs certainly stick out like a sore thumb when I look into the mirror and I feel less confident even when I know the dance steps well while I am at my Bachata dance, as I feel that most will look at my legs and thighs when I am dancing and having shapely thighs will definitely boost my confidence whether when I am in the dance studio or just a casual day out in shorts.

dr daid loh surgery32VASER LipoSelection fat transfer

I was totally impressed by Dr David Loh during my 2nd consultation as he explained that Liposuction is about a Sense of Proportion.

“What do you see when you look in a full-length mirror? Almost all of us have it: that one despised fatty area that inexorably draws your eye and annoys the perfectionist in you. Most often the belly, the buttocks or the thighs, it could also be hamster cheeks, a double chin, a fatty chest, flabby underarms – anywhere, really, all the way down to the ankles.

dr daid loh surgery03VASER LipoSelection fat transfer

Liposuction is one of the most popular aesthetic surgical procedures for a very good reason, says Dr David Loh. It allows both men and women to achieve, through a minor surgical procedure, a more svelte, proportional and beautiful figure and also, in the process, regain their confidence.

dr daid loh surgery22VASER LipoSelection fat transfer

Liposuction is not a treatment for obesity,” he warns. “Only with diet and exercise can one lose weight. If someone eats more calories than they expend after liposuction, over time the body will store those fat cells, albeit in a different location than where the liposuction was done.”

Liposuction is excellent for addressing areas of disproportion, he says. That does not mean the patient has to be thin; it only means that there needs to be an area that is disproportionate, such as a bulge that does not flow harmoniously with the surrounding areas. –Dr David Loh of David Loh Surgery

Though Dr Loh also performs various non-surgical methods of body contouring, he feels that liposuction remains a gold standard for permanent fat removal. And for areas where non-surgical sculpting methods are awkward, it’s the only way.”

I be blogging more on my Fat to Fab journey in subsequent posts where I be sharing pics of my procedures and recovery.  Stay tune then.

dr daid loh surgery28VASER LipoSelection fat transfer


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