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Look good, Feel good – quick lunch time fixes that take years off!

Growing up, I often hear people say 世界只有懒女人,没丑女人. Looking back as an adult, the saying does make some sense. 

As age comes on, symptoms are aplenty – from falling hair to peeling skin, weight gain from slowed metabolism to sagging jawlines, even weakened bones and eyesight! All of which inevitably spark bouts of negativity akin to emotional turmoil, my hubby says. 

Why keep the misery, I say. After all, looking good means feeling good!

So last week, I headed in to David Loh Surgery at Novena Medical Centre and consulted Dr Phoon Yi Shan.

Looking at my droopy jowls and uneven jawline, we agreed that gravity has gotten too close to me for comfort. In particular, the asymmetry on my left jawline due to muscle movement after a double jaw surgery two years ago to correct my bite (common surgery for cleft patients like me) has bothered me for the longest time. 

We decided to reverse that relationship with gravity a little by means of a non-invasive facelift of sorts. This is to be done using Radiesse and Voluma fillers

Waiting for the numbing cream to settle in while relaxing on the cushiony chair

The entire experience was a breeze, with Dr Phoon’s reassuring demeanour, knowing exactly the areas to tackle for the best results. Of course, some numbing cream helped too! 

Nonetheless, with the facial skin being so delicate, slight swelling is inevitably to be expected. However, not quite obvious enough to be noticed so I would have no qualms doing this over lunchtime and heading back to work afterwards. But that’s just me, noting that everyone’s pain threshold and level of acceptance differs. 

Dr Phoon administering the treatment

Many of my friends have asked me about the pain level, which I would describe as ant bites when the needle first touches the skin, but fades to numbness due to the lidocaine (anaesthetic) in the fillers. 

The results speak for themselves. There are lesser shadows and lines on the face, especially on my nasiolabial folds, which were getting increasingly prominent with age. Cleft patients, like myself, have a flatter side profile and often, obvious nasiolabial folds that pile on the agony.

Four days post-treatment, the swelling was almost non-existent. At the one week mark, I looked more than normal and energised. My friends, who did not know about my treatment, asked if I had better sleep and commented I was looking less tired and refreshed. 

Ultimately, beyond vanity, looking good gives one instant confidence, the one most important element that brings on positivity. After all, the best thing in life is having the ability to pursue what brings happiness and joy, and that is a precedence to putting forth my best self to do good for others. I’m now ready for my next stage performance.

Take note!

As with all procedures, it’s important to ensure your treatments are carried out by qualified and experienced professionals. Blotched procedures are more difficult and expensive to rectify, and are many times, irreversible. This is the reason why I do intense research before undergoing any treatment/procedure. The reason is simple – I only have one face.

With friendly Dr Phoon post-treatment. Slight swelling in the face but not quite noticeable.

I was in complete good hands with Dr Phoon, who has more than 10 years of experience in the field and is a trainer for injection techniques, which she published, on top of her expertise on the management of filler complications. Today, one week post-treatment, I’m happy with what I see in the mirror. No regrets and I would recommend Dr Phoon without qualms!

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