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Yuki’s birthday wish will be your donation to Kerala!

Yes, today 20th Aug is my birthday, many of you have been asking me out for birthday celebrations,  offering me treats and gifts which I am grateful for your gestures.

However, I would rather my beloved friends to better use the money spend on me and instead make some donation to Kerala, India to help those whose homes have been destroyed. 

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I have visited Kerala twice as Yoga Ambassador during June this year. And I have made a lot of friendships during my trip. The people I have met in Kerala has treated me with kindness, they received me warmly, took good care of me throughout my stay, making Kerala feels like a 2nd home to a foreigner like me.


I am glad that all my Kerala’s friends are safe, but some of their citizens, long distance relatives, friends’ friends may not be as lucky… this mishap has caused tremendous distress, many lives were lost, thousands disappeared, some struggling somewhere in hope to be rescued… and some never got any chance at all…Relief camps are doing the best they could but help is limited.

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I cannot imagine if the mishap happens whilst I was there, just the thought itself has sent shivers to my spine and thus today, I urge my family and friends to help those in need back in Kerala.

For I am blessed to be here writing this today, receiving birthday wishes from all of you.

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Please help them as every bit of donation counts. And on behalf told Kerala, I thank all of you sincerely, thank you! Blessings to everyone!

Love Yuki

CMDRF is a 100% state official government operated distress relief fund online portal for donation: http://bit.ly/2vVFVBS


Update info:
280+ death
3734 relief camp having 846680 inmates
The loss by road n bridge collapse – 44500 million INR
The total estimated initial loss is 300000 million INR

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