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AirAsia Travel Blogger Visit Jakarta & Bandung Indonesia Pt.1

Of the “Land of Thousand Islands”, Indonesia, I’ve been to three of them – Batam, Bintan, and Bali Island. It was exciting visiting Jakarta, Indonesia, since it is the hometown of a few of my good friends. Being able to see the place they were born and bred was really special!

For this trip, we flown directly from Singapore with AirAsia to Jakarta. I (@iamyuking) travelled alongside several companions including @alvinology, @mshannahchia, @kwleong, @zippyzipeng, @nsybrenda, @melinairwan

AirAsia32Jakarta Bandung

Understanding Indonesia

The Republic of Indonesia (Indonesian: Republik Indonesia) is a Southeast Asian country, made up of approximately 17,508 islands and is known as the world’s largest archipelago. Due to the huge number of islands, Indonesia has several hundreds of different ethnic groups and language/dialects, with Javanese being the largest amongst them. The Javanese also enjoys a high political status within the country. The country’s population exceeds 265 million and is the 4th most populated country in the world.

Language & Culture

The most commonly-used language is Indonesian. Very few shopping outlet salespersons can speak proper English, similarly with those at the night markets. The national language, ethnic diversity, majority of the population is Muslim. Colonial history and overthrowing colonialization is the common identity of Indonesians. Due to historical reasons, Indonesia was once colonized by The Netherlands (Dutch) and France (French). Hence, traces of Dutch and French architecture can still be spotted in the country.

Taste of Food

General taste of Indonesian food is more towards spicy and sweet. The soul of Indonesian cuisine is the chili sauce made from each stall’s secret/ special recipe. This will definitely be a bonus to gourmets who prefer spicy foods but this would mean that those who have a low tolerance level for spicy foods will not be able to enjoy the essence of Indonesian cuisines. I feel that food in Bandung is generally sweeter than those found in Jakarta, which is too much for me!

AirAsia36Jakarta Bandung

Let’s introduce the highlights of this AirAsia Blog Indonesia Bandung Trip! I’ll show you what’s there to eat, play and see! The original schedule is slightly altered due to changes in the weather!

AirAsia27Jakarta Bandung

Day 1

Mangrove Forest

The initial purpose of building this mangrove was to prevent floods and erosion, it was later on developed into a tourist attraction. We observed many couples, wedding photoshoot crew and outdoor photograph enthusiasts amongst us shooting photos.

Address: Jln Muara Angke, Pluit, Jakarta Utara
Contact Number: +62 21 29033066

AirAsia31Jakarta Bandung


Once we’ve reached Jakarta’s City Centre, the first meal we had was the local famous Holyduck! The whole duck was deep-fried; it was crisp, refreshing and really lived up to its name! You can even bite through the fried bones! One flaw was that the marinating process could be longer so that the taste of the spices could be richer.

Those who love spicy food can try the special chili sauce made by the shop. The spiciness will hit you slowly and you will unknowingly tear while eating it! I finally experienced the extreme of Indonesian’s high tolerance for spiciness!

We ordered other different flavors of duck meat set meals and the must-try Chicken-Duck Satay. After coating it with sweet sauce, the meat is barbequed, the taste of it is sweeter but it will not let you down! The most famous dish in Indonesia is Bakso. Any Satay stall you find there would taste better than those you can find in Malaysia or Singapore. If you visit Indonesian cities and towns, you have to try the different Satay! This exquisite meal blew our expectations through the roof and really represented Jakarta’s exotic food culture.

Address:Jl. Marina Indah Raya | Ruko Crown Golf, Blok B No. 52-56
Contact number: +62 811-8951-168

Checking-in: Pullman Hotels

Well-facilitated and comfortable, safety precautions are well taken care of, the attitude of the service staff was sincere and passionate as well.

The international restaurant provides a hearty breakfast with a wide variety of options. It is near to the center and conveniently-located. The hotel is 6km away from the National Monument, approximately 13km from Gambir Train Station and Ancol Theme Park.

Address: Podomoro City Jl. Let. Jend. S. Parman Kav. 28, 11470 Jakarta
Contact Number: + 62 21-29200088

Plataran Menteng

This posh restaurant brings Indonesian cuisine brings the ultimate food experience to you as you get to enjoy live piano performances and savor the delicacies slowly in an apt atmosphere while you have a nice, long chat with your partner. As this restaurant has the whole building to themselves, the spacious grounds and beautiful backdrops make it the perfect place for some Instagram-worthy shots
If you ever visit this wonderful place, I highly recommend ordering the fried fish, Ikan kerapu as it tasted like heaven!

Address: Jl. H.O.S. Cokroaminoto no. 42 | Menteng, Jakarta
Contact:+62 21-29627771
Opening Hours:11:00 – 22:00
Website:Plataran Menteng

AirAsia01Jakarta Bandung

Day 2

Museum Bank Indonesia

Located opposite Kota Tua, Old Town rail station is two of the most modernized heritage museum, the Museum Bank Indonesia. The museum showcases the history of banks in Indonesia, from when the financial system is set up in the 20th century, how the bank overcame the financial crisis in 1998, all the way till how the financial system advanced currently. Of course, the thing that wowed me was the safe in the bank. Like the bank museum in London, you can see a huge pile of gold bricks through just a piece of glass! (Although I think the gold bricks are not real)

Address: JL. Pintu Besar Utara 3, Jakarta
Opening Hours: 09:00-16:00
Website: Museum Bank Indonesia

AirAsia37Jakarta Bandung

Museum Wayang

In this museum, you can find wooden puppets from all the corners of Java. It is one of the most prized museums in all of Jakarta! They have collections of all types of “Wayang” (puppets), including those from China, Vietnam, India, Cambodia, and also puppets with European element. I personally felt that the experience was a bit creepy, and would probably feel like you are watching a scary movie at night…
Be sure to be there on Sunday mornings 10AM to catch free puppet shows.

Address: JI Pintu Besar Utara 27 Taman Fatahillah
Contact number: 021 692-9560
Opening Hours: Tuesdays to Fridays, Sundays 9:00-13:30 / Saturdays till 00:30
Entrance Fee: Indonesian:2 IDR/ Adult foreigners:10 IDR
Children below 17 years old:2 IDR

Cafe Batavia

Situated in Old Town(Opposite Museum Wayang)is a historical European-style heritage site which is hundreds of years old, left behind ever since the Dutch colonization period. It has the most breathtaking view ever! There are tons of photos from the past hung on the walls of the café, giving the place a nostalgic feeling. As the café is almost packed with tourists, a touch of luck is really needed to snag up some seats. The level 2 seat by the window that we are brought to was awesome. Sipping coffee here was really a great experience as we were able to watch the local folks carry out daily activities when we gaze out the window. It is a hotspot for shopping and watching performances even amongst locals during holidays, many couples also visit the place for dates at this nostalgic place. The dining experience here was out of this world! I highly recommend this place! All the dishes that we ordered were all scrumptious!

Address: Jl Pintu Besar Utara 14, Kota, Jakarta
Contact number: (021) 6915531
Website: Cafe Batavia
Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday :8:00-24:00,Friday 8:00-1:00 (The next day)
Weekends and Public Holidays 7:00-24:00

AirAsia21Jakarta Bandung

Art 1. Gallery

I just love to recommend local art galleries to travelers while I’m traveling myself! Arts has a heavy influence on the young Indonesian culture. We visited The Jakarta Art Gallery 1(Art.1). Although the exhibit hall has limited space, it was really interesting, like a relatively new art space, and the works done by the artists were all so vibrant and lovely!
A normal entry pass only gives you access to building number 1. So if you are an art lover, I would recommend you to get the full pass that allows you to explore all the prized possessions in the gallery.

Address:Jln. Rajawali Selatan Raya 3, Jakarta
+62 21 64700168
Website:Art 1

AirAsia29Jakarta Bandung

AirAsia28Jakarta Bandung

AirAsia30Jakarta Bandung

Giyanti Coffee Roastery

Being one of the top 5 cafes in Jakarta, the atmosphere here is top-notch, luring people to bring out the photo-taking maniac in them to take pictures and post it Instagram. The café is located behind the Cali Deli restaurant and Nujaniv Spa on the famous for their antique. The decorations in the café are unique and cute, and the interior is filled with antiques and comfortable sofas. The outdoor area is decorated with vibrant colors representing the unique personality of the café. The most expensive piece in the café is none other than the treasured ‘Victoria Arduino’ coffee machine of the Café owner and it is used to brew one of the best coffees in Jakarta. The café is focused on expresso roasting and Italian-styled coffee, where there is a lesser focus on roasting but takes a lot of effort to prepare. There is salted crispy pie?? and apple pie, cheese chocolate brownie cake that is a hit in Southeast Asian countries.

Giyanti provides traditional and authentic Indonesian barbequed meat, with the main ingredients directly distributed from local farmers all over Indonesia.

Note: Opening hours of this shop is Tue to Sat, 0930 hrs to 1730 hrs.
The shop will be closed for roasting coffee beans from Sun to Mon.
Address: Jl. Surabaya No.20 Menteng, Central Jakarta
Instagram: @giyanticoffee
Contact Number: +62-21-31923698
Official Website: http://www.giyanticoffeeroastery.com

AirAsia24Jakarta Bandung

Cloud Lounge

Have you ever heard of the saying that you should visit a famous local Sky Lounge when you visit any countries? Cloud Lounge situated on the 49th story of Plaza Indonesia offers a 360° panoramic view of the Jakarta Skyline. The night view is especially spectacular! Although the Cloud Lounge offers a great view, it is not a lot pricier than other lounges – the average spending per pax is 500,000 IDR (approximately SGD48).

AirAsia25Jakarta Bandung

The feature of the Vodka Room is that you can enjoy Vodka at 0 degrees, the first in Indonesia! My companions and I could never forget this memorable experience! It was very cold! Fear not! Cheers to the 0 Degree Vodka!

Lounge Bar Opening Hours: Sun to Thu, 1600 hrs to 0200 hrs; Fri to Sat, 1600 hrs to 0300 hrs
Restaurant Opening Hours: Weekdays, 1830 hrs to 2300 hrs; Weekends 1830 hrs to 0000 hrs
Address: The Plaza, Lantai 49 | Jl.MH Thamrin, Thamrin
Contact Number: 021 – 2992 2450
Official Website: Cloud Lounge

AirAsia26Jakarta Bandung

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