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Benefits of Travelling Solo

Will I survive this solo trip? Who will take my pictures? Who will I talk to? I dont want to feel lonely. Its frightening!

Sounds familiar? The reason you are reading this article is because you have thought about travelling by yourself. Let me tell you this, you are not alone. These questions or anxieties are just some of the usual concerns who want to try solo travel.


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Travelling is exciting when you do it alone. Yes, alone. Let me tell you why, when you explore a new place, it is normally shared with your partner, family or friends, but there are times when you need some time alone and experience the beauty of the destination on your own, by just plain and simple observing. There is a great deal that those who like to travel by themselves, love to observe.

So chill!  Those questions are partly true, but you can actually survive a solo trip. Travelling on your own has many amazing benefits that only solo travelers could attest.

Freedom to Choose Your Own Time

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No arguments. No dramas. All you need to worry is yourself. Being a solo traveler is easier and effective than you might think. You have all the freedom to do whatever you want.

Complicated itineraries and group restrictions are totally not something to fret about. You own your time, including your most precious me-time. You don’t have to deal with the stress around you. What matters is you get to enjoy the trip with no strict preparations and limitations. Spontaneous trips are the best.

Sense of Self-Contentment

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Travelling alone can completely be rewarding especially the sense of contentment and peace of mind it gives. It may be difficult at first, but the memories are totally worth it. You’ll be able to appreciate your travel more and in return, your time alone is more meaningful. It will put you in a profound connection with your inner self. You’ll find answers in some complex questions about life that you thought you’ll never be able to endure.

PRO TIP: Start with your home country first. Take baby steps, you don’t need to go to a foreign land just to travel by yourself. Start at home.

Personal Growth is a Guaranteed Return

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Solo travelers are very matured and independent in a sense that they can stand up on their own without the help of others. They tend to develop a deeper bond with their inner being. It boosts their confidence. Consequently, they build more friendships than travelers sticking to their normal group. So you actually don’t need to worry about being alone. You will meet thousands of travelers along the way. Just smile and start a conversation; interesting friendships might bloom.

New Learning Happen Unexpectedly

Having only yourself, you will develop skills and knowledge that will put you in a better scale than any other individual. You are bolder and tougher without knowing it. There are things you try out of your comfort zone and experience the whole thrill by just having your own. You will realize and discover things you didn’t even know exist. Travelling alone is very challenging, but it gives you memories you’ll forever treasure and memories that will always make you smile.

Life has so much to offer and nothing can compare the moments you share all by yourself. Just take the plunge and take the risk. In the end, travelling itself is an ultimate risk that bears a lot of benefits. Why not take it to the next level and travel alone? Just you and your passion. Nothing else matters.

Sometimes, you are the best companion you could ever have.

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