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The Easiest Way To Get Cheapest Flight Is No Longer A Secret!

There are so many tips and tricks that teach you how to get the cheap flights for traveling. We can even say there are too much travel tips you can find just as simple as surfing on the Internet. The flood of information may make you get lost and drown in it.

Here’s the right time to save you from it. Only armed yourself with the right information. Speaking about it, this article gathers many credible sources and selects only the proven tricks to catch on the cheap flight. Particularly, this article is telling you the easiest way to get the cheapest flight from every airline!

Cheap Flights Image Credit: Traveloka.com
Cheap Flights Image Credit: Traveloka.com

Only booking your flight tickets via online

Booking online your flight tickets is a good start for money saving. The price is certainly cheaper considering you find it on your gadget screen that not cost you any transportation cost to visit the ticket counter. It’s not printed so it’s not costing you any printing and distribution cost also.

Image Credit: Traveloka.com and Rappler.com

Take the advantages of online travel agent (OTA)

Online travel agent (OTA) is way more practical to be your booking partner. It shows you complete information in one place. You can find all kinds of airlines, all flight schedules, and all fare levels that you can easily compare one to another. Many OTA also holds a certain special promo program resulting the cheaper price for your selected flight, even much cheaper compared to the official price release on the official airlines’ websites. You can check OTA, such as Traveloka.com or Expedia, to get cheaper price.

Image Credit: Pixabay

Search the tickets one at the right time

If you follow many travel sites, you can find some research telling you the right time to search and book your flight tickets. The most research found the best time to search and booking a cheap flight is in the middle week. Farecompare.com specify it on Tuesday at 3 pm. If you willing to travel abroad, it’s suggested to book at least 30-34 days prior before the trip. 21 days prior is still a good time for domestic flights. 16 weeks in advance mostly mentioned as the ideal time to book a cheap flight in common. Some experience revealed that booking at the last minutes has the same possibility of getting the cheaper price as booking at further in advance.

There’s actually no specific time that works the same for everybody. That’s why it’s so much better and easier to monitor the movement of flight tickets one at the time via online travel agencies. The agency will show you the best flight time within the cheapest fare with no need to jump to the other pages. For instance, is Traveloka. You can see the cheapest flight each day each month for next 11 months on its Promo Quick Finder feature placed on the homepage.

16 WEEKS IN ADVANCE mostly mentioned as the ideal time to book a CHEAP FLIGHT in common.

Image Credit: Traveloka.com and youtube.com
Image Credit: Traveloka.com and youtube.com

Choose the right time to travel; the cheapest is the middle week

Based on the common trend of public traveling habit, Tuesday and Wednesday are the cheapest days to fly. Surprisingly, Saturday is sometimes offered cheaper airfare compared to the other weekend because people tend to fly on Friday for the weekend getaway and fly back on Sunday or Monday morning. Never fly on Friday if it’s not forced to because it’s the most expensive day to fly.

For specific flight time, the first and the last flight interest the least people resulting in the cheapest fare. Another option is at lunch or dinnertime. But again, keep monitoring the price via online travel agencies to get the cheapest one.

NEVER FLY on FRIDAY if it’s not forced to because it’s the most EXPENSIVE day to fly.

Select the popular low-cost carrier airlines

Nowadays, this world has plenty budget airlines presented with great quality. The budget airline is really suitable for saving more money, especially when you fly for short distances.

If you prefer to experience the full-service airlines, always choose the economy class. Get the special price of this airline also on the online travel agent.

Image Credit: Pixabay

Sometimes, transit flight is cheaper

For the long haul trip, wisely considering the flight with transit. Some transit flight is offered cheaper than direct flights. Moreover, transit flight with different airlines may feel not practical, but way less price. You can combine your best transit flight at its best offers on the OTA also.

Avoid overweight baggage!

General ticket flight already includes free baggage (commonly 15 – 20 kg per passengers on the budget airlines, and 25 – 35 kg per passengers on full-service airlines). Make sure bring your belonging not exceeding the free limit. If you plan to bring more baggage, do the smart packing. There’s plenty packing tricks you can learn from the Internet.

Be aware of the airline regulation about food and drinks that you can bring inside the aircraft.

Image Credit: Pixabay
Dried food to take away. Image Credit: Pixabay

Bring your own food and drinks for flight

It’s without question the in-flight food and beverages are offered multiple more expensive than normal. So, it’s wiser if you bring your own food and drinks for flight. Bring it from home or buy it before you arrived at the airport. Be aware of the airline regulation about food and drinks that you can bring inside the aircraft.

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