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3 Steps to Invite the God of Wealth in year 2017 – by Master Paw

According to Wikipedia, The God of Wealth / CaiShen (财神) is the Chinese god of prosperity worshiped in the Chinese folk religion and Taoism. Chinese folks like wealth is a general statement. Thus, during Chinese New Year, some families will practice the ceremony to invite Caishen. The purpose is to ensure a good year of prosperity and fortune. The following steps to invite Caishen have been simplified by Master Paw. Try out yourselves to have a prosperity year ahead.

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#1 The Correct Timing to invite CaiShen in year 2017

*The timing is according to the local timezone.

Date: 28 January 2017 / Chu Yi(初一)
Day: Saturday

  • 12:00am – 1:00am
  • 1:00am – 3:00am
  • 5:00am – 7:00am


Advice from Master Paw:
The best timing to invite CaiShen is between 5am to 7am. The reason is we have good spirit and energy after a night of good rest. It is very important to invite CaiShen without feeling tiring.
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#2 The Accurate Direction to Invite Caishen in year 2017

The directions stated below are only applicable on first day of Chinese New Year 2017.
Direction to invite CaiShen: Southeast (东南)
Direction to invite the god of happiness (XiShen 喜神): Northwest (西北)
Direction to invite the god of mentor (GuiShen 贵神): Northeast (东北)

Advice from Master Paw:

  • Install a good compass application on your mobile device
  • Remove mobile device’s cover to avoid magnetic or metal interference
  • Stand at your house car pouch / outside of house / condominium’s balcony and face the main gate
  • Find the direction of SOUTHEAST/ Avoid EAST as east direction will invite god of inauspicious

#3 CaiShen Invitation Checklist

  • A table and face the main gate
  • New red table cover / Red paper to cover up the table
  • A big incense burner
  • A pair of candle holders
  • 3 cups of hot tea
  • 3 cups of rice wine
  • A plate of 5 tangerine oranges
  • A pineapple
  • A Plate of apples
  • A big FaGao 发糕
  • 3 big joss sticks for male to pray
  • joss sticks (for family members)
  • Gold ingot shaped chocolate 金元宝
  • some sweets
  • CaiShen offering (it can be bought at religious goods shop)

How to Fill in CaiShen / GuiShen Offering Form in year 2017?

Advice from Master Paw:

  • Must clean yourselves before wear new clothes
  • Must wear new clothes, undergarments and shoes/ slippers
  • Must put wallet / Angpao with some money in pocket
  • Happy mood
  • Switch on all lights in the house
  • Have some Chinese New Year music at the background (lower volume)
  • No shoes should be arranged on SOUTHEAST
  • Prayer to the Buddha/ God/ Ancestor in your house alter before pray to CaiShen
  • All family members should invite CaiShen together
  • Male host pray first with 3 big joss stick. He must faced SOUTHEAST.
  • Bring the image of CaiShen and paste at the house’s SOUTHEAST direction.

Frequent Ask Questions:

1) Any zodiac should avoid to invite CaiShen?

2) Can we invite CaiShen on rainy day?
No. It must be done on Sunny day. If you don’t feel like invite, please avoid invite CaiShen.

3) Can other faith or religious invite CaiShen?
Other faith or religious followers should avoid this ceremony. However, LiChun Huat method will be more beneficial. LiChin Huat method has no faith or religious conflict.

4) If the family has departed relatives recently, can the family invite CaiShen?
Yes, the family can still invite CaiShen.

*This post is translated from Master Paw’s guidance video on 11 January 2017

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