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7 Steps to Huat on LiChun 2017 by Master Paw

The year 2016 is ending soon. New year 2017 is coming soon. This year, Master Paw created a simple video for a better understanding.  This post is summarising the 7 secret  steps of HUAT / increase your wealth method  on LiChun 2017

Lichun of 2017 starts on 3 February 2017, Friday 10:36pm. As mentioned in the previous post, the HUAT procedure need to practice when the sun is up in the sky. When the sun is up, the energy force is good. Therefore, the correct date to HUAT and do banking is

4 February 2017, Saturday, 7:00am to 6:00pm

Is Saturday a good day to practice the HUAT method? Banks are not operating….

Don’t worry! Some banks are operating in Singapore. If you are not sure how to use the cash deposit machine or cheque deposit machine. you can do it over the bank counter on Saturday. ( click on the link for the list of banks) Here is a list of Singapore Banks operating on Saturday.

How about banks in Malaysia? While, Malaysians may need to practice using the machine in the bank. As Master Paw advice, it is good to receive some “wealth forces” from any bank branch (wealth energy force). So,  JUST DO IT !


7 Steps to do on Lichun 立春2017

Image Credit: girlsTalkinsmack

1) Wake in the early morning and Place your BLANKET and PILLOWS under the sun

Early bird gets the worms first. Try to wake up before 11:00am (Singapore Time)  when the weather is not too hot. Let your blanket and pillows receive the fortune of spring. This will enable you to have a good sleep.

Image Credit: NewAgePregnancy

2) Stand 3 Eggs on The Floor

You need to try to place 3 eggs at the center floor of your house.If 3 eggs are standing up, it symbolizes a good year ahead for you. If you can’t get the eggs standing, please get any of your family members to do it. This way they can transfer their good luck to the house and other family members.

Image Credit: Bobvila

3) Take a Shower

Clean up your body to refresh yourself.

Image Credit: MillionMars

4) Wear New Clothes

New clothes symbolise a new beginning of the year. Remember to wear new undergarments too. You are allowed to eat breakfast before depart to the bank.

Image Credit: PicturesOfMoney

5) Check Your Wallet with Money

Double check your wallet with money before you depart.

Image Credit: gowithbo

6) Stand under the sunshine at the right location

The good location in Singapore is the Singapore Presidential Palace. It is a great place to take in good forces. You are advised to stand under the sun bare footed. Please try to step on the grass if possible. However, you MUST abide the rule and regulation in the palace. We are not responsible for any fine on stepping the grass.

Other good locations in Singapore are listed as below:

  • Kranji
  • Banks ( with some grass in front of bank branch)
  • Singapore Botanics Garden ( Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage)
Image Credit: Twitter

While, the right location in Johor Bahru is the field in front of Istana Bukit Serene. Public is allowed to walk on the grass with bare feet.

Try to stand facing the sun with bare feet on the grass for 3 to 5 minutes. This is to ensure the right force enter from your head, flow through your body and reach the earth. You will fill energized for the whole day.

The best time to bank in on Lichun 2017
The best time to bank in on Lichun 2017


大吉= very auspicious ( red colour)

吉= auspicious (pink colour)

不吉=BAD timing (orange colour)

7) Increase Your Wealth According to Your Zodiac Timing

You need to wear up your shoes. Then,  go to the  bank to do banking according to your zodiac “timing”. Based on previous year experience, there will be a long queue at the bank. You are advised to go bank early to avoid missing your luckily time slot.

Have you been practicing this HUAT method? Have you tried to increase your wealth according to your zodiac timing? We would like to find out the efficiency of this increase wealth method. Please leave your comment at the comment section as below.

Image Credit: iProperty

In conclusion, we would like to wish all readers a happy new year. It is up to individual to practice this wealth method. We are just sharing the knowledge. Once again, Thank you Master Paw for sharing this tips with us.
Master Paw is the founder and Principal of Arco Interior Design Sdn Bhd and founder of Master Paw Feng Shui Consultancy in Asia.

Website: http://www.master-fengshui.com/
Facebook: fb.com/Master-Paw

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  1. Hi Sir,

    Your post on 7 steps to Huat for Li Chun by Master Paw was some how showing the wrong date.

    ” Li Chun of 2017 Starts on 3 February 2016, Friday 10.36pm ”
    “The correct date to HUAT and do banking is 4 February 2016, Saturday, 7am to 11 am ”

    May I know is it correct ?

  2. Hi Eric Wong,

    Yes, according to Master Paw, The correct date to HUAT and do banking is 4 February 2017, Saturday, 7am to 11 am.
    Master Paw explained that Li CHun 2017 starts at 3 Feb 2017 night time. It does not mean 3 Feb 2017 morning is Lichun. Thus, we can start practice the banking timing provided by Master on 4 February 2017.

    Thank you

  3. I came across some website or even newspaper indicating Li Chun to be 3rd Feb while some 4th Feb. Wondering which one is correct or should we go on both dates? But 3rd is working day, means have to take leave!

  4. Q1) Which date is correct?
    It depends on which FengShui master you believe in. As Master Paw has several years of experience on LiChun Huat method, thus we wrote this article. We requested for her permission before we wrote it.

    Q2) Should we go on both dates?
    According to Master Paw’s calculation, Lichun start on 3 Feb 2017 10:36pm. Thus, Lichun banking method should be start on 4 Feb 2017. It is not advisable to do banking on 3 Feb 2017. It depends on individual too.