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Cambridge Therapeutics Sculptra PLLA Youth Restorative

Cambridge Therapeutics Sculptra PLLA Youth Restorative

The downside of orthodontics treatment
Yuki and I were the victims of sagging cheeks due to orthodontics treatments. My Orthodontics treatment which removed my four teeth, indirectly diminished my once  “plumped up cheeks”



Human body consists of 60% water, 30% protein and 20% collagen. Collagen plays an essential role in supporting the skin structure and it’s elasticity.  Our collagen level reaches its peak before the age of 25, and it drops drastically after that. Therefore, it is advised that one should store as much collagen as possible by way of supplement between the age of 25 and 40.

What causes the disappearance of your plump cheeks?

Other than the congenital deficiency of bone support, the most common causes are genetic or postnatal bone development which causes facial deformities. The loss of collagen and fat due to aging also causes the disappearance of plumped cheeks.

My two daughters love to take selfies, how I wish Forever Young just like two of them! Let me share with you Sculptra in Singapore

About Sculptra ( PLLA )

a. Injection using round needle, no bruises, does not require recovery period, does not affect daily activity
b. Only stays in human body for short period of time, no side effects.
c. It is not protein, does not induce allergic.
d. Filling evenly, there will be no edges or particulate matters remain.

Effective period
It normally last for 2 years after 3 injections.

Pricing and Recommendation / Sculptra cost

$1800 per Sculptra per shot (ala carte price)

How to take care of it?
*No cosmetic on the day of injection
*Remember the golden rule of “555 massage” to ensure the stimulation of the production of collagen by PLLA.
Massage period of 5 days, 5 times daily, 5 minutes each time

Sharing my personal experience

My treatment was conducted by Dr. Lee, from Cambridge Medical Group. Dr Lee visits Italy, Korea and Japan to bring the latest medical technology and devices to Singapore.Dr Lee Mun Heng from Cambridge is the official Sculptra trainer for SEAsia for 2016.

Sculptra clinic




Doctor marks the angle of Korea technique injection on the face. below is USA old technique.



Preparing for injection

Sculptra clinic

Cheek massaging to shape it

Surprisingly, the process was quick and simple! It only took around 15 minutes with no sensation of pain throughout the process at all! It then followed by cheek massage by highly experienced nurses for shaping purposes.

The effect and experience were beyond words! Hello rosy and pretty cheeks!


Woman in their 40, 30, 30, 20, 10! LOL


No downtime! Next day Yuki can go for Jean Yip Singapore fashion hairstyle photo shooting!


Cheeks become plumper after the second injection!



We went Bintan for holiday, without makeup but we still look great!

lifestyle_018_beauty_sculptra_cambridge_medical        lifestyle_003_beauty_sculptra_cambridge_medical

So looking forward for the third injection!

lifestyle_009_beauty_sculptra_cambridge_medical    lifestyle_007_beauty_sculptra_cambridge_medical

The result is really satisfying! my face shape look even, smaller and we both look so much younger now!

lifestyle_020_beauty_sculptra_cambridge_medical lifestyle_021_beauty_sculptra_cambridge_medical

Cambridge Medical Group

391 Orchard Road #08-05A1 Ngee Ann City Tower B Singapore 238874
Tel: 6733 0777 | SMS/Whatsapp: 9155 8869
Operating Hours:
Mon to Wed and Fri: 10am – 6pm.
Thurs: 10am – 8pm.
Sat: 10am – 3pm
Sun and PH: Closed



Translator: Xiao Xin

Donna Ng Bk
Writer:Donna Ng
Read Chinese Article: Cambridge Therapeutics 苹果肌童颜针

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