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Mayday Nowhere 3D Concert Movie


It’s finally here!!! 
Taiwanese rock band, Mayday’s Nowhere 3D concert movie is finally making its premier in Singapore cinemas.


And I’m all dressed up for the movie as a form of respect for my idols!


Plus, the signature rocker move… ROCK ON, MAYDAY!


Complimentary popcorns and Ben & Jerry ice creams that came along with the free tickets won in the competition.


And these are my lucky readers who won the free tickets!


So much for dressing up… This is then the Mayday attire!


It’s starting! Mayday! MayDay! MAYDAY!

music_011event_mayday_concert_movie_  The concert held in the Beijing National Stadium. With the 3D effects, it feels almost as though we are back in the stadium!   music_001event_mayday_concert_movie_ 


music_013event_mayday_concert_movie_ I just want to shout it out… ASHIN, I LOVE YOU!!! music_012event_mayday_concert_movie_ And the charming Monster! His guitar skills are superb!


The group of bloggers who had helped to promote the movie was invited for a photo taking session at the end of the movie.


This time’s competition is to see which blogger was able to garner most support from their fans for promoting this movie. And guess who won… it’s me! Yay!


And so, the winner gets 4 tickets for their readers to watch the movie with them. Thank you all for the support!!!
Also, complimentary passes for each of my readers that day. How lucky!
music_016event_mayday_concert_movie_ After the movie, many of my Malaysian readers left me Facebook comments saying how much they regretted not fully enjoying the movie because everyone was holding back their excitement. If given a second chance, we are going to sing out loud and move our every beat of the songs!




Just this morning, I was listening to the song “if there’s tomorrow”. Ashin said: “If there’s a tomorrow, if there’s still one more Mayday concert tomorrow, Mayday fans will definitely not missed it. If there’s no tomorrow, if there’s no more Mayday concert tomorrow, we will also not want you to be alone.” Two simple sentences brought tears to my eyes. Mayday’s optimism is widely spread through their music, bringing us strength, hope and positivity in everything that we do.

Say no more! This is my favourite song these days, where I’ll be looping the song for the whole day.

So there’s tomorrow… and the day after. So what are you waiting for? Be quick and catch the Mayday Nowhere 3D movie concert now! It will not be like any other movies you have watched badocams for sure!


Dawn Chua bk

Translator: Dawn Chua

Yuki Ng bk
Writer: Yuki Ng

Read chinese article: 五月天诺亚方舟演唱会3D电影

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