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Meet & Greet Migme Top Online Influencer Artistes

A couple of weeks ago, we were invited to a meet-up session organised by migme and were honored to have lunch with 5 top online and entertainment artistes from Indonesia, India and the Philippines at Fish & Co (The Glass House).
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adds: Fish & Co. at The Glass House, 9 Penang Road

website : http://www.fish-co.com

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/fishandco.sg

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From Indonesia: Jovial Lopez ( middle )

Part of the group, Skinny Indonesian 24, with over 360k YouTube subscribers

Jovial is very friendly and bubbly. He appeared to have an endless collection of interesting jokes and always very keen to share with us his experiences and the differences between cultures of various countries. He also managed to blend in very well with the other artists and gathered everyone together for fun candid shots.

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From India: Shraddha Sharma ( from right, 2nd


Billed as India’s Justin Bieber and one of the top YouTubers in the country with over 180k subscribers and 3.6 million fans on Facebook

Our impression of Shraddha is that she is this really cool girl who seem a little reserved. She sat at a corner with her manager and spoke little. However, when it was time for the games, she sprang into action and was really spontaneous! Her smile was stunning and she is not afraid to be herself. She brought her guitar along but we didn’t manage to watch her performance, probably due to a lack of time. Would love to catch up with her someday! We noticed Shraddha engages with her fans a lot on her Facebook. Do visit her Page to find out more about her and her music.


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From Indonesia: Anisa Rahma

Actress/singer/social media star, Anisa Rahma, with over 1.3 million fans on Twitter and over 700k fans on Instagram

Anisa started out as one of the members of popular girl band- Cherrybelle, before she became a member of the girl band MILOVA. She has a very packed schedule. She shared that she is working on several projects right now. Her new movie and album will be released next year! After spending some time with her, we know why her fans adore her so much! She is a really friendly and down-to-earth artist and very easy to get along with. Her mother was with her during the lunch and it was a pleasure talking to the both of them. They are like our makcik (aunt) and adik (younger sister), so close and personal.

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From Philippines: Een Mercado

A model and cosplayer

Een is a really sweet girl with a sunshine smile and yet real and unreserved. She is an avid cosplayer and shared many of her experiences, as well as the different cosplay cultures in Philippines and here. Een enjoys making her own costumes and whenever she completes click them, there is a great sense of achievement. It was the Anime Festival Asia (AFA) weekend in Singapore when we met. Although she was in town, Een could not attend the AFA as she has various work commitments arranged during her short two-day trip in Singapore. She hopes to be able to take part in the cosplay events here next time. P.S. Her mother is really young and pretty like her!

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An Australian living in Manila, Chris Urbano

YouTube entertainer, tagalog-speaking cook who has a cooking and wine lifestyle program on YouTube with over 21k subscribers and14k fans on Facebook. Visit www.maputingcooking.com

Chris is someone who is humble and keen to talk to us on food-related topics. He knows how to appreciate good food really well and appeared to love our Fish & Co lunch! He tried every single dish on the table and was full of smiles. What amazes us is that Chris can actually speak more than one language. He can speak fluent tagalog and Bahasa. His Bahasa is even better than our blogger Yuki who grew up studying in a Malay school in Malaysia.

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We enjoyed ourselves lots. Special thanks to Fish & Co for hosting us and kept us well-fed with so many signature dishes.

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My first time to The Glass House outlet. Beautiful ambience! Love the awesome Christmas platter by the way! Generous servings and the seafood is fresh! P.S. It’s available till 3 Jan. Catch it before it’s gone!

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Yuki enjoyed the lychee matinees. The salmon steak is just nice, not too oily because I’m on a diet! Love the Fish & Chips which went really well with the tartar sauce!

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A big thank you to migme for the invitation! Looking forward to more catch up sessions in 2016!

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migme (http://company.mig.me), an Australia-listed social entertainment company with over 24 million monthly active users across Southeast Asia and South Asia.

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