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MTV Europe Music Awards 2014 in Glasgow

The MTV Europe Music Awards is an event presented by MTV Networks Europe, which hands out prizes to outstanding artistes, musicians and performers. The aim is to acknowledge and recognise the efforts by these artistes. This music award event is different in comparison to the others because the winners are selected entirely by vote. The members of the public and the jury formed the panel of 1000, which churned out the list of nominees. The winners of each category are then chosen based on the votes.

The MTV Europe Music Awards is held every year in a different country. The awards are presented annually with live broadcast on MTV Europe, MTV Live HD, most of the international MTV channels as well as online to more than one billion viewers. The 2014 MTV Europe Music Awards was held in Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city!

infotainment_052_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

One day, I received a notification from StarHub, telling me that I had won a chance to catch the MTV EMAs live in Glasgow!OH MY GOD!” I shouted out loudly. I jumped up and down ecstatically. I could not believe it myself. Who would believe that by just shooting some pictures, I had won one pair of round-trip tickets to Glasgow, Scotland, with free accommodation! I would also be the guest-of -honor at the MTV EMAs show and had the chance to participate in the MTV Asia filming. It happened all too fast and too sudden. Until today it still felt like an incredible dream come true! I did not know much about Scotland and Glasgow. I could only recall that the scottish plaid skirt, Scottish bagpipes, fish and chips were all symbols of the place. I did some research and learnt that Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city.

infotainment_022_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

My lovely nail-art only for the MTV EMAs! design by: Perfect Ten Nail Holiday Plaza JB infotainment_001_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow    I was really excited and looking forward to attending so many events and activities in Glasgow. I could not contain my excitement. Till this moment, I still cannot believe all these are true!     infotainment_006_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

We flew to London and then transferred to Glasgow Airport. After unloading our luggage, we immediately went into filming. We could see banners shouting MTV EMAs everywhere! The entire city seemed to have come alive because of the event! Glasgow’s major shopping centres and landmark buildings had different MTV themed art displayed on them! Bag from: iRoo Singapore

infotainment_057_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgowinfotainment_032_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

infotainment_026_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgowinfotainment_023_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

As we walked along Glasgow city, the crew wanted us to try the famous Scottish authentic tapas [Haggis]. I realised we were not just ordinary travellers. . .suddenly I felt like we were super stars, filming food variety shows for entertainment. It certainly was a refreshing experience. We were treated like VIPS. I felt like a star from Singapore! I really felt very fortunate to be able to participate in this overseas shooting experience. The piping hot food offered much comfort to us given that the weather was really cold in Glasgow.

infotainment_031_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

Haggis is a traditional Scottish dish, it can be considered as the national dish of Scotland. I called it the ‘dark dish’ because it looks black! Haggis is a savourly pudding containing sheep offal (heart, lung, liver) grind with chopped onion accompanied by other ingredients. It seems a little weird and I was not sure if I would try it. But as the saying goes, you have not been to Glasgow if you did not try Haggis. So we plucked up our courage and tried the dish! I felt that the taste was alright and acceptable even though I dislike eating sheep or animal organs.


infotainment_036_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

We were at the tallest building in Glasgow–The Light House! It feel exceptionally cooling and comfortable! Beautiful and unique urban style at a glance, it felt really great! infotainment_035_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

Singapore’s Next Top Model Wannabe….trying hard to make it in Glasgow!



infotainment_012_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

Stood at the top of the city.  Such a beautiful view, it made all my troubles & stress disappeared into thin air! I felt completely relaxed & free standing there. You really have to personally experience it too!  

infotainment_003_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

infotainment_004_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

As the selfie queen, how can I not take a selfie in Glasgow? I am Yuki Ng, checking in GLASGOW! Love this quote PEOPLE MAKE GLASGOW! Cool! 

infotainment_008_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

EMA World Stage Event with Slash & Biffy Clyro in celebration of MTV EMAs in Glasgow 2014. We had a party on the first night in Glasgow!    infotainment_007_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

Sweater & Leather Pant from: iRoo Singapore

infotainment_009_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgowinfotainment_010_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow I am sure you could tell that I am so excited because the organizers had arranged a handsome cutie to welcome me. Shoo the female model away! Oops infotainment_011_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow    

Yeah! Finally!

infotainment_039_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgowon 9 November,  before the MTV EMAs  ceremony began,  we attended  the pre-party to welcome MTV EMAs winners from around the world! We felt so honoured and pampered!

infotainment_041_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow We walked across the red carpet into the party venue. At that moment, I was excited to finally be able to step into the event venue.  We began to warm up a little for the madness at the pre-party!

infotainment_040_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

Obviously, this time I really wanted to push away my sister! ( She is really superfluous )

infotainment_042_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

Additional Episode: click and see to believe! I posted this picture on facebook  just for fun. I casually said that I had Won the Coolest Asian Female Rock Award. My readers and followers actually believed it and congratulated me! I am sorry that this sparked some commotion, it was all for fun. But this is really a true MTV trophy!  Super heavy weight! Frankly speaking, I am really an “Asian” “Female” who dressed up in “Rock Style” ya! Yeah! I am thick-skinned enough to self-proclaimed “Coolest” to holding this award, but oh well haha! (Chicanery!) infotainment_043_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow That night, my unique evening dress and outfit were from iRoo’s series. It allowed me to appear in style to attend the MTV EMA 2014!  Special Thanks to: Dress & Bag :  iROO Singapore Hairstyle: Jean Yip Singapore

infotainment_044_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgowinfotainment_020_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow At the Pre-Party offer, all VIP guests were offered a number of interesting services. Such as: Make Up for female guests! There were also photo booth services for guests.   infotainment_059_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgowinfotainment_021_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

Would I be the next Asia raising star like Nicky Minaj? infotainment_046_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

Bravely volunteered to  go up the stage to try and experience to be a DJ,  let me rock the house down! infotainment_045_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow Group photo session with winners were from around the world!

infotainment_017_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

Yes, we had a wonderful time!

We walked to the first MTV music awards ceremony hosted by The SSE Hydro, Glasgow!

infotainment_014_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow infotainment_015_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgowinfotainment_038_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow Yes, concealed extreme excitement! infotainment_016_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

The event site had a large number of viewers waiting for admission. My foreign friends spotted me doing a selfie and also decided to join in at the back! Thanks for the support! infotainment_047_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow The atmosphere was super good. It felt like a United Nations Ceremony Party! Countdown begins!

infotainment_030_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

I did not expect the most popular Chinese singer from China, Bibi Zhou to be so close to me! She was also friendly and cooperative in taking the picture with me!   Chinese singer Bibi Zhou was the only Chinese singer who attended the music event and successfully winning the “Best Worldwide Artist” award! infotainment_029_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgowinfotainment_028_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

Alicia Keys appeared to have some interaction with the audience. I was surprised, because I did not expect this. She was so so so close to us! When she walked towards the backstage, she actually stretched out her left hand so that all the way along the arena corridor fans could touch her hand! I told myself “ What are you waiting for? Touch the goddess’s  hand!” I was surprised at my own reaction. It was rare opportunity that I should not miss. infotainment_058_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow I am more familiar with Western pop music singers such as Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Taylor Swiftt and Katy Perry.  I only got to know Nicky Minaj recently. Of course, her large butt is her trademark! It is indeed attention seeking! infotainment_049_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow Other than a great hot performance, Nicky Minaj also surprised the audiences by appearing in various visually appealing dresses and costumes and entertaining us with her wonderful jokes. She was really very cute and humorous.

infotainment_050_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

Nicky Minaj was one of the key person in the 2014 MTV EMA. She was not only the host, but also the main performing artist and winner! Her gorgeous outfits and hairstyles were also a hot topic for discussion. Her bold enthusiasm, interaction between dancers and orchestra, plus her usual fearless bold statements, it was clear why she is known as the goddess of this new generation. Congratulations to Nicky Minaj in winning Best Hip-Hop Artist! Best Song with a Message << Pretty Hurts >> Frankly, my favourite singer is Beyonce. It is a pity that she did not attend the ceremony but I would like to congratulate her in winning the most inspirational songs award! To be able to witness up closeAlicia Keys’, Nicky Minaj’s and Ariana Grande’s performances, I must certainly count my blessings! I am indeed contented!     infotainment_018_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow Let’s verify the LIVE Power of Slash & Biffy Clyro again. They successfully pushed the atmosphere to the highest point! To paint a perfect ending for MTV EMA! Burn it! Rock it! 

infotainment_019_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

It’s really thanks to MTV EMA & StarHub bought to us for this unforgettable wonderful night in my life ever at THE SSE HYDRO, Glasgow! Glasgow landscapes, buildings and the people are literate, polite and friendly, warm and fun! I must admit I had fallen in love with this country!   Thank you again to MTV and Singapore StarHub in letting my sister & I be the lucky ones to attend this event and making our dreams come true! I always says I believe I can fly and I proved it! Thanksgiving to Lord’s grace! Some photos credits from the MTV website. More coverage info about MTV EMA can visit the official websites: http://asia.mtvema.com

MTV EMA 2014 Glasgow [ Behind The Scene ]

When it comes to film production, it is something not new to me, but for my sister, it was her first time. I can totally imagine how curious and nervous she was. In the past when I was involved in filming, we did it in a group. I was not the protagonist, I rarely speak.  But this time only the winners in Singapore participated in the filming. I was pretty nervous. Plus the weather was really cold. We were trembling and shaking in the cold. There were a couple of reshots and NG takes. We sincerely apologise to the crew for that. Shooting process was smooth in general. We had a professional crew and we did it against the beautiful backdrop of Glasgow. Stay tuned for the finished product! infotainment_002_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgowinfotainment_027_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

The itinerary in Glasgow was tight, but we still had a blast! We thank the organizers for arranging Hazel to be with us! She was trying to help my sister and I adapt to a foreign environment and help us in gaining quicker access to the shooting locations, so everything can be carried out so smoothly! infotainment_005_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgowinfotainment_025_entertainment_music_event_mtv ema 2014_glasgow

Hazel is also very funny, playful, easy going and always bring a smile to us. We were grateful to have known such as kind and beautiful lady.

Hazel Lua – Rude by Magic!

Another surprising find that we had was Hazel Lua! She is also a Singaporean singer. We both love music and singing, no wonder we hit it off greatly! I love to watch her skilful, confident, comfortable singing in natural way. Her original creations have fascinated me! I have become her new fan! You can join to be her fans by subscribing to her Youtube channel now!

End, Happy Reading!


Celina Seah bk Translator: Celina Seah

Yuki Ng bk Writer : Yuki Ng
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