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Review on Casio ZR3600

Review on Casio EX-ZR3600

Here’s our take on Casio EX-ZR3600.

Mirror mirror on the wall… who’s the fairest of them all?

Be camera ready and get picture perfect shot every time you shoot with Casio EX-ZR3600.

Run not to a mirror, but rather pose with confidence and give the camera that million-dollar smile when shooting with Casio EX-ZR3600. With the evolved make up function, the camera provides images portraying the ideal beauty of the skin that all seek, together with the desired skin tone and smoothness.

casio artwork_penang hill_lovelocks 2

Casio Penang 2016CIMG0540 31ZR3600

The make-up effect not only provides brightness to the skin but also a fresh, vivacious tint to express smooth and natural beauty has been achieved. Features that are three-dimensionally defined with great clarity ensure images that portray the true charm of all users!

Here’s how it works: The user selects the beauty range from 1-12 . Our recommendation will be to stick to a 6 as it reflects a natural looking complexion.

Casio Penang 2016selfies auto x 3 35ZR3600

casio artwork_penang hill_kids 2

The perfect camera to phone to social media

Why do we term it the perfect camera for social media sharing?

Ever been in the situation where you had to start and stop the photo streaming from camera to phone?

We find using the Casio EX-ZR3600 a breeze with its Exlim Auto Transfer mode. You can “Auto Send” captured images to your smartphone simply by taking pictures as you usually do. Your images are sent directly to generic cialis usa your smartphone, even when it’s tucked away in your bag. And once all the photos are in after your shooting session, simply post the shots up on your social media platforms


Simply download the EXLIM app on your Playstore or Appstore for the transfer mode

QR What?

Yes you heard it right Casio EX-ZR3600, creates QR code for each image that you upload. Which means sharing photos will be done in a jiff with a QR code.

Simply download the SCENE app on your Playstore or Appstore and you are on your way to QR creation for your photos

Going Solo

Thinking of going solo on your next getaway? Hesitate no longer if photo taking might just be one of the options that is stopping you.

With Casio EX-ZR3600, simply connect your handphone to your camera and control your camera view from the comfort of your phone.

casio artwork_penang hill_lovelocks

Place your camera on a tripod stand, set the camera timer and you are on your way to shooting scenic shots along with yourself in the picture.

casio artwork Penang ootd 4

casio artwork Penang ootd 5

casio artwork Penang ootd

From shots to movie

Get your shots together automatically with the camera’s Highlight Movie Function. It selects the optimal shots and videos at the end of your shooting session for the day and combines all into a movie. Sounds like a great camera for any special occasion.

Random thought on this function. Going on a budget for your wedding, you might just be able to save with this function. Instead of getting a photographer for your wedding shots, simply grab a close buddy as your photographer (brides fear not of melting make up, trust that the make up function will do the trick!)  and at the end of the day let the camera create a wonderful wedding photo video montage for you! Now how’s that for cost savings? Do leave us a comment if you really do try it !

Casio Penang 2016CIMG0798 33ZR3600

Casio Penang 2016CIMG0803 34ZR3600

Casio Penang 2016CIMG0796 32ZR3600

Photos to download to Photo editing ?

We say skip THIS step ! With 10 amazing filters in built into the camera, create perfect shots within a twinkle with the Casio ZR3600

Casio Penang 2016art_penang hotel Jen 03ZR3600

Casio Penang 2016art_penang chewjetty sea 02ZR3600

Casio Penang 2016art_penang chewjetty oil lamp 01ZR3600

casio artwork_penang wallpainting street

casio artwork_penang wallpainting street 2

casio artwork_penang oil lamp

casio artwork_penang hotel jen

With its lightweight and superb functions, the Casio EX-ZR3600 is an unrivaled compact camera and with its ability to save images in RAW function it is certainly a worthy “DSLR –Compact” camera! Thanks Casio for the creation of EX-ZR3600!

The Casio EX-ZR3600 is available in three colour, Pearl White, Pink and Lavender for S$599 at all authorized Casio retailers.

Casio Penang 2016CIMG0057 07ZR3600

Visit http://www.casio-intl.com/asia-mea/en/dc/ex_zr3600/ for more information.

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