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Scarless double-fold eyelids and Medial Epicanthoplasty

Scarless double-fold eyelids and Medial Epicanthoplasty

Eyes- The Window to Our Soul

“Les yeux sont le miroir de l’dme.”, The translation of this French proverb means “The eyes are the mirror of the soul.” We believe that having a beautiful pair of eyes potrays a positive impression of a sincere personality.

“Eye” or “Aye”… Our Love Hate Relationship

All women want to look their best. Cosmetic makeup plays wonder to my eyes. It would transform my eyes into a pair of “doll-like” almond eyes instead of a single eyelid looking lady. Many of my readers, close friends and family members commented that my eyes are considerably “ok” or “fine” without make up. The fake pupils contact lenses would enlarged my eyes and helped me to look better. However, the frustration of spending time on creating the perfect eyes with a full blown makeup can be quite daunting.

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery016001

My older sister, Joanne has been relying on double eyelid tapes. On daily basis, she would tape the minute she is awake. She will not step out of the house without any makeup. Long preparation time to get ready finally came to an end for Joanne and I…

The Truth About Joanne and I

Yes, we explored Plastic Surgery… It took us a while to decide the correct Plastic Surgeon. I did my own research as well before seeing any doctors.

The following information are summarized from a few websites. 

Frequently Asked Questions: To Stitch or To Cut?

images (2)

The method of cutting (1)

It is suitable for older/ elderly patient with puffy eyes and droppy eyelid which causes triangular eyes, or anyone who wants a drastic change in eye shape. This process removes excessive eyelid fat and loose skin. In addition, it firms up by sewing the eye tendons directly into the dermis. It has a longer operation duration and recovery period. A cut that is too deep can be disastrous! It will look fake and not balance.

The method of stitching (2 and 3)

It is suitable for a younger person or anyone who wants a subtle change. This is effectively carried out using a stitching method suitable for most people. It is known to have minimum downtime. A lot of fake beautician outlets are doing this procedure at about SGD$2k. However, the disaster comes when the stitching from the beautician broke or uneven double eyelid creases spoilt your looks. Don’t be fooled by a pool of beauty and untrained doctors. Even some of the asthetics doctors are performing such surgeries as well without MOH accrediation. It is very dangerous. Identify the correct accrediated Plastic Surgeons before you do any plastic surgeries. The cost is about the same if not slightly more. It is important to know the correct surgeon to perform such procedure. It will save you additional cost, faster recovery and avoid unnecessary wrath cases.


Centre For Cosmetic Rejuvenation & Surgery

1 Scotts Road, #03-03A Shaw Centre | Tel: 62359911

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery005001_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery006001

Our Solution to Achieve the Desired Perfect Eyes

After much research, we chanced upon a friend who did her double eyelids as well. She recommended the doctor from Center For Cosmetic Rejuvenation & Surgery located at Shaw Centre to look at our eyelids. the doctor, an accrediated MOH Consultant Plastic Surgeon was trained in Korea for Scarless Plastic Surgery and advanced techniques. We also found out his signature korean-skilled procedures are Double Suture Twisted Technique (DST) for Scarless Double Eyelid Creation, Scarless Eye Bag Removal, Breast Augmentation with natural lift and feel, Rhinoplasty Korean Nose Implant, Micro-Nano Fat Grafting to create a subtle and youthful look on the face and Vaser Liposuction for body contouring. Wow, we were quite impressed with his portfolio when we met him. And so, we proceeded our consultation with him.

What Was Recommended by the doctor at centre for cosmetic

We were recommended DST instead of the traditional cutting technique. Fats are removed on the upper fold to create an even crease for the cutting method. It is irreversible. In the event if the fats are removed unevenly, it can look fake and uneven. The downtime can be long and costly. It was not recommended to us since our eyes are not bulging with excessive fats. the doctor at centre for cosmetic also told us that he had modified his DST technique compared to other plastic surgeons. With additional anchor points on the crease, our double eyelids can last for a life time. Unless you rubbed your eyes, the suture would not be snapped. He was assurring when we saw his other patients’ photos. He explained the different procedures required in different situations to achieve the desired results.

Update, the doctor at centre for cosmetic is no longer at Centre for Cosmetic. He now contactable at:

38 Irrawaddy Road #08-36 Singapore 329563
Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital Specialist Centre 

Telephone: +65 6690 6818 | SMS/Whatsapp:+65 96416744

Opening Hours:
Mondays to Wednesdays, and Fridays: 1000am – 1800pm
Thursdays: 1000am – 1800pm
Saturdays: 1000am – 1500pm
Sundays and PH: Closed

Website: http://www.shensclinic.com
Email: enquiry@shensclinic.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drshensclinic


_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery026026

Low: Open type double-fold eyelids.

Medium: Half-Open double-fold eyelids.

High: Closed type double-fold eyelids.


The height of double-fold eyelids varies according to personal preferences. Celebrities will usually take a high double eyelid fold as it would appear prettier with make-up. A middle or low double eyelid fold looks more natural and suits most asians who goes with little to no make up.

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery023001   _Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery024001

To help us choose our ideal fold, the doctor at centre for cosmetic used a Y-shaped toothpick to preview the desired folds. Low, medium and high double eyelid fold was shown to Joanne. Eventually, being conversative about the drastic change in her looks, she decided on a medium height. As for me, my eyes is considered an epicanthic fold. The epicanthic fold is the skin fold of the upper eyelid covering the inner angle of the eye. It makes the eyes appear smaller and further apart.

I was adviced to do an Epicanthoplasty together with my DST. Epicanthic fold is common among asians. The gap between my eyes seems far apart. Even with the DST alone would not display the best of me. With this combined procedure, I was told that it will enhanced my eyes into more almond shaped, looking wider and more alert. I also picked on a medium fold like my sister.

Examples of Epicanthic Fold


1.Perfect eye with no Epicanthic Fold

2.Slight/ Mild Epicanthic Fold.

3.Moderate Epicanthic Fold.

4.Serious Epicanthic Fold.


Medial Epicanthoplasty The aim of Medial Epicanthoplasty is to open the part of canthus, which is covered by Epicanthic Fold. This will reduce the distance between the eyes. The latest Korean skin redraping method is to eliminate the upper eyelid tissue by sophiscated surgical resection. Any scar created after the surgery can be hidden in the lower eyelid by the skin by using a complete relaxation and re-positioning technique. This will appear scarless with a wider eye looking more like an almond shape. That’s what I did.

2007-03-13 12.24.11

Non-Incision Double Eyelid Surgery Procedure   First step: The Anesthetic Needle

This jab is required to relieve any pain felt by the patient. This will also minimise bleeding and accidental injury during the procedure.  


Will there be any pain/ discomfort during the injection?

My elder sister, Joanna commented that eyelid anesthesia is not painful. Infact, it felt like an ant’s bite. Boldly hearing her feedback, I took the courage when it was my turn. As I have low tolerance over needles, I can’t stand the injection of the anesthesia on the inner canthus. Eyelid anesthesia is a little painful. The pain on my inner canthus made me wanted to punch or squeeze someone that day! The phobia for needle remains even the procedure is over. My advice to my readers, relax yourself during the process, the more nervous you feel, the more tense the muscles and higher chances of oozing the blood vessels.


The Stitching Process

A little tingling sensation was felt when the doctor put a few drops of eyedrops onto my eyes. There wasn’t any pain involved in this process. However, I was slightly nervous as I was conscious throughout his stitching. I sensed the doctor at centre for cosmetic pulling the threads on the eyelids when he stitched on. Every moved was a slight pressure. But there wasn’t any pain or discomfort at all. the doctor at centre for cosmetic sew on the outer eyelid and thereafter on the inside. He created a line from the eyelid and began sewing the fold. At the end of the entire process, I was asked to open my eyes for an assessment. Having it shut for 15 mins, I could barely open when I was asked to. Being sober during the procedure is important as he needs to follow the shape of the fold drawn by consistent checks. A cold compress was placed over my eyes finally and it felt so soothing.


The operation process of Medial Epicanthoplasty

I was nervous about cutting my inner canthus! OMG ! can you imagine slicing my flesh near my eyes. It seems like a scene from one of those gore movies, where the victim undergoes the torture chamber. All I can say about the process? Its just MIND OVER MATTER! Stop your silly imaginations like I did. There was zero pain and I repeat, ZERO PAIN! I didn’t feel a single feeling of pain or discomfort during the operation. My lower eyelid was cut from the inside and thereafter re-drape again using a modified skin. There will be a whiff of a burining smell during the process. Do not panic! The machine and all in the clinic are not going into flames. The smell comes from the burning of the fats near our eye! A cold compression will be given after the entire process. The stitiches are removed after a week.


Postoperative care and medicine

* Do not use force or pull your skin during or after your facial routine. Take extra caution at the eye area. Opt for a simple process during this period if possible, by wiping or gently patting your face with a wet towel.


* Use cold compression often. Compress your eyes for 10 mins every hour if possible. Continue with this process for a week. I got an eye mask with holes so that I can watch my favourite program during the process.

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery026001

* Remember to take the prescribed antibiotics twice a day. Night and day. Pain killers come in handy when dealing with the pain.

* To speed up the recovery process, I bought the antiphlogistic with EXTRA formulation from clinic.

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery009001

* Ointment has to be applied on the stitched are to prevent inflammation.

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery017001


Post op follow up session and removal of the stitch line on the inner canthus

There is still slight swelling on my eyelid but it is still on its way to recovery. Make up can be used on the 7th day. I can finally remove the line of inner canthus. It is not as painful as I imagined and my eyes are obviously brighter and bigger!

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery004001

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery010001

Day 13

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery021001

Famous Celebrity Taiwanese Dancer- Lambo


Day 25

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery008001

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery022001

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery019001

====One Month Later====

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery025001

The swollen eyelid is gone for good within a month and life resumes back to normal. With a pair of beautiful eye, I was literally “back in action” by starring in an advertisement.

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery002001  

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery013001 _Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery012001

====2months later====

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery018001

 Finally, her last year Birthday Wish come true!

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery002029

She gain a lot confident now!

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery027026

Look at my condition, it look so nature!

 _Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery001029

====Before and after surgery====

2 months after surgery:

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery020001

Left -before surgery. Right – after surgery.

_Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery003001 _Yuki scarless double eyelid centre for cosmetic rejuvenation surgery015001

The curve of our double fold extended naturally from inside out. The inner canthus looked super awesome. Our round and short eye shape became the perfect almond shaped eye!

Say hello to our pair of captivating eyes!


What makes a good Plastic Surgeon: 

  1. Able to COMMUNICATE well with his/her patient and allow you to get a preoperative


  1. Recognized by the local medical board, MOH authority and possess advance medical skills and a wealth of experience.

  2. Able to follow up with you after the surgery and ensure comfortable recovery after the procedure.

  3. The clinic and the team are hygienic, clean and possess good service skills to the patients.


Total time for the process

Double-fold eyelid surgery can be done within an hour and Medial Epicanthoplasty can be completed within 2 hours.


The price of double-fold eyelids starts from 2300 SGD and the price Medial Epicanthoplasty starts from 2500 SGD.

Address: 1 Scotts Road, #03-03A Shaw Centre. Website: http://www.centreforcosmetic.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/centreforcosmetic   for Chinese article please read at: 无疤痕双眼皮医美微整形记(二)

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