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8 Steps to HUAT in year 2016 on LiChun by Master Paw

The open secret about Chinese culture is love money.

Money makes the world go round. Chinese New Year 2016 is coming soon. Facebook and Instagram are circulating different information to “HUAT” or “ONG” in 2016. But, have you thought about the significant behind it? Why should you do so? For the sake of your money and prosperity year ahead, here are the tips and steps for you

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Li Chun 立春

It is the 1st solar term. It begins when the Sun reaches the celestial longitude of 315° and ends when it reaches the longitude of 330°. It more often refers in particular to the day when the Sun is exactly at the celestial longitude of 315°. In the Gregorian calendar, it usually begins around February 4 and ends around February 18 (February 19 East Asia time). It’s also the beginning of a Sexagenary cycle. ~ retrieved Wikipedia.org

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In layman term , Lichun is the day where the force on the earth is different. How different? I am not sure. I never really sit down and observe the force. But if you do the right SOP on Lichun, it may help you to earn money more easily. PS: this is just the author’ very basic understanding. May the (money/ Ong/ HUAT) force be with you.

Lichun of 2016 is starting at 4 February 2016, Thursday 05:46pm. However, around 5pm, the sun is set and the force is considered bad. The HUAT procedure need to do when the sun has risen. When the sun is up, the energy force is good. Therefore, the correct date to HUAT and do banking is

5 February 2016, Friday, 7:00am to 11:00am

8 Steps to do on Lichun 立春2016

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1) Wake in the early morning

Early bird gets the worms first. Try to wake up before 11:00am (Singapore Time)  when the weather is not too hot.

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2) Stand 3 Eggs on The Floor

You need to try to place 3 eggs at the center floor of your house.If 3 eggs are standing up, it symbolises a good year ahead for you. If you can’t get the eggs standing, please get any of your family members to do it. This way they can transfer their good luck to the house and other family members.

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3) Hang up your blanket under the sun

Blanket is often soaked with your sweat. Hang up blanket under the sun can kill off the bacteria and refresh the blanket. This symbolises the good force enter your blanket. It will help you to sleep better.

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4) Take a Shower

Clean up your body to refresh yourself.

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5) Wear New Clothes

New clothes symbolise a new beginning of the year. Remember to wear new undergarments too. You are allowed to eat breakfast before depart to the bank.

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6) Check Your Wallet with Money

Double check your wallet with money before you depart.

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7) Stand under the sunshine at the right location

The right location in Singapore is the Singapore Presidential Palace. It is a great place to take in good forces. You are advised to stand under the sun bare footed. Please try to step on the grass if possible. However, you MUST abide the rule and regulation in the palace. We are not responsible for any fine on stepping the grass

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While, the right location in Johor Bahru is the field in front of Istana Bukit Serene. Public are allowed to walk on the grass with bare feet.

Try to stand facing the sun with bare feet on the grass for 3 to 5 minutes. This is to ensure the right force enter from your head, flow through your body and reach the earth. You will fill energised for the whole day.

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8) Go to Bank and do Cash Deposit/ Cheque Deposit According to Your Zodiac “HUAT” Timing

You need to wear up your shoes. Then,  go to the  bank to do banking according to your zodiac “timing”. Based on previous year experience, there will be a long queue at the bank. You are advised to go bank early to avoid missing your luckily time slot.

Preparation Tips before LiChun

  • Prepare new clothes before the day.
  • Prepare RED colour clothes for better fortune.
  • Take some money and fill up your wallet.
  • Clear up your debt.

Post Event Tips on LiChun

  • Please be polite on this day.
  • Abstain from scolding or bad mouth.
  • Abstain from paying debt.
  • Bank in your debtor money on this day to ensure good financial year ahead.


Image Credit: Master Paw

Master Paw is  the founder and Principal of Arco Interior Design Sdn Bhd and founder of Master Paw Feng Shui Consultancy in Asia.

Website: http://www.master-fengshui.com/
Facebook: fb.com/Master-Paw

Waoblog would like to thank Master Paw for the great information

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