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The “SUITE” accommodation with The Haven Resort Hotel, Ipoh – All Suites


It’s love at first sight with The Haven Resort Hotel, situated on the edge of a virgin forest , weaving together a mix of modern residential / suite rooms with nature’s work of art- 280-million-year-old limestone outcrop, which in turn forms a picturesque scene at every angle.

If suites are your idea getaway, be pampered by the luxurious hotel, as it consists of 150 suites, starting with one-bedroom apartments that are perfect for a couple, and up to three-bedroom suites for family.

Front Entrance of The Haven

View from balcony

ONE with Nature 

It’s Nature and more and it works both ways as every facility revolves around giving the best from nature to every guest and with great eco-friendly interior ideas around the hotel, these brilliant ideas in turn gives a great deal back to mother nature as well.

From lush welcoming greenery at the guard posts to the eco-friendly aircon-less reception and lobbies that  allow an occasional comforting breeze drafting in on a sunny noon to mediating at the meditation deck or simply ditch those earphones and jog along to the tune of nature and cheerful chirpings, on a 600 meter track around the lake.

Running/Jogging Track

Training indoors from the gym? The Haven has certainly got it covered too with a ceiling to floor clear glass window, stay cool while you are running on the treadmile and get an unparalleled view of the surrounding too.

Last but not least the highlight of the hotel, the 5 level Swimming pool which is built in the shape of a seahorse and has an infinity pool that stretches out to the lake. Experience the most breathe taking 360 degree view of the lake as well as limestone from the glistening pool or sit back, relax and a enjoy a hydro massage at the jacuzzi corner with a fantastic view. Whichever you prefer, the Haven Resort Hotel is definitely the perfect way to unwind and to be ONE with nature.

Seahorse shaped pool

View from Infinity pool

 Click on and view our video on The Haven Resort Hotel

From Farm to Table

Expect exceptionally fresh food, Farm to table or Market to table as chefs do their daily purchase of food resources from personal visits to the market or from reputable farms in Ipoh.

So here’s our Farm to table dinner.

Pomelo Salad- Pomelo from farm in Ipoh

Pomelo Salad

Grouper fish –Fresh catch of the day, Grouper fish smoked with apple wood chips in prawn broth and garlic emulsion foam and garnished with fresh capsicums, onions and coriander and beansprouts from farms in Ipoh.

Grouper Fish

Dessert – Cheese cakes.

Cheese cakes

Two thumbs up chef! We certainly felt your passion for food in your dishes and we can really attest to the no MSG promise.

Breakfast was fantastic too. The highlight of breakfast has got to be a simple dish- Eggs. Egg-fanatics will love the freshly prepared kampong eggs. We had sunny side up and the egg yolks were in a bright orange tone, something that we seldom get (at least for me) from the eggs that I usually purchase.

Kampong eggs

Sunny side up

Click here to view our breakfast and dinning experience at Cuisines

There’s something for everyone

The Haven Resort Hotel set in nature, which the young and the old can experience at its best. Children can enjoy an outdoor playground, an indoor playroom, a pool with slide whilst parents and grandparents can sit back and enjoy the view of Rockhaven.

View from pool

With all the goodness encapsulated in a Haven, expect a total rejuvenation for your body through your senses and wellness from your food at The Haven Resort Hotel, Ipoh – All Suites.

Have a great trip!

xoxo loveatravelifestyle…

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