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Sushi Mentai debuts at Singapore, Yishun Junction Nine

Sushi Mentai- A renowned brand in Malaysia has finally made its grand debut in Singapore at Yishun, Junction Nine.

Simplicity struck my senses as we stepped into Sushi Mentai. No stark differences from the rest of the Japanese restaurant, I thought to myself.  However, with closer observation I began to notice that the chefs at the counter were constantly working with grace on each piece of sushi to ensure that the sushi conveyor belt is filled with an array of sushi and the intense focus the chef had on his sashimi as he slices the perfect cut, it almost feels like I am embarking on an omakase meal. But expect nothing close to the price of omakase and freshness comparable to that at Sushi Mentai!

Gourmet sushi at Sushi Mentai ranges from $1.30 to $1.80. Yes you seen it right! The maddening crowd and the snaking queue of customers speaks for the value for money gourmet food serve at Sushi Mentai.


Origins of Sushi Mentai

The word Mentai comes from the Japanese name Mentaiko. Mentaiko is the marinated roe of pollock and cod.  It is a sauce that is served with exquisite Japanese cuisine.

With its name deriving from Mentaiko, Sushi Mentai prides themselves by crafting only the finest Mentaiko sauce. (*Drumrolls*) The secret ingredient or recipe to their Mentaiko? Sushi Mentai uses only “A” graded pollock and cod, coupled with mayonnaise that are freshly imported from Japan and with a magical touch of Sake that will have any bon-vivant to go bogus for. And that’s not all peeps, the Mentaiko has to go through the holy grail, that is the sauce has to be lightly barbecued, before it is all ready to be served.

Now here’s a little tip from our Mentaiko crafters@Sushi Mentai

The perfect texture of the Mentaiko has to have that splendid shape of what you will get when squeezing your toothpaste out of the tube. Diluted Mentaiko sauce or any “toothpaste-less” shaped Mentaiko sauce are a definite NO NO.

sushi mentai Singapore05yuki ng food review

Sushi Mentai’s “oishii strategies” for customers

With nearly 30 years of experience as a distributor for Japanese fresh produces, Sushi Mentai selects only premium ingredients. A perfect example, salmon serve at Sushi Mentai are sourced only from Norway, Australia and New Zealand.

We revealed the “fresh strategy”, now here’s a pricing strategy that Sushi Mentai adopts to keep prices low for all epicureans out there. Sushi Mentai sells more for less; the golden equation- Less on profit and more on quantity sold!

Yellow or Red

Hey stay with us still! We ain’t deviating from Sushi Mentai to a game of soccer or any Pokemon team here!  To keep things simple, sushi plates are being served in two colours, Yellow or Red

Yellow plate $1.30
Chuka Idaho, Ebiko, Tamago Mentai, Tuna Mayo, Edamame…

sushi mentai Singapore05waoblogasia food review

Red plate$1.80
The Crème de la crème of Sushi Mentai -Salmon Aburi , Unagi , Salmon Mayo,  Salmon Cheese Mayo, Ebi Mentai

sushi mentai Singapore13waoblogasia food review

sushi mentai Singapore12waoblogasia food review

WAO picks…

Here are my recommendations or WAO-picks at Sushi Mentai

sushi mentai Singapore06waoblogasia food review

Chawanmushi – Be prepared to dive your tongue down “onsen hot temperature” steam eggs. I expected a lukewarm bowl of steamed egg, but lo and behold … I was so wrong! The chawanmushi was still pipping hot as I savored down the entire bowl of steamed egg…


sushi mentai Singapore07waoblogasia food review

Unagi Kebayak- Don’t you just want a bite out of this picture! Aside from its amazing presentation, the Unagi Kebayak is all set to tantalize any aristocrats’ taste bud! The thickness and length of the unagi has to be of perfect standard before it is considered Sushi Mentai cuisine. The sweetness from the unagi together with its QQ- bouncy texture makes this dish an unrivaled one.

sushi mentai Singapore10waoblogasia food review

sushi mentai Singapore01waoblogasia food review

Assorted Sashimi – The subtle sea flavour and delicate texture from the thickly sliced sashimi

sushi mentai Singapore04waoblogasia food review

sushi mentai Singapore08waoblogasia food review

Ebi Fountain with  fresh prawn wrapped in a layer of delicate fried beancurd skin. Last but not least, it is topped with the perfect squeeze of “toothpaste” shaped Mentaiko and it has definitely set the benchmark for any Mentaiko sauce that I will be having from now on!  OMG! I can simply recall the smooth texture of the Mentaiko as it glided down my throat.

Wao verdict on Sushi Mentai

Sushi Mentai serves an elaborate spread of fresh Japanese cuisine and with their modest food prices, they are undeniably a Japanese restaurant where value meets impeccable freshness!

WAO- advice

  1. Sushi Mentai accepts no reservations and seats are offered base on site a first come first serve basis.

  2. Plan for an early dinner if you are visiting over the weekend. Anytime before 5pm will be ideal to avoid the queue.


Visit http://sushi-mentai.com.sg for more information on their location or simply download Waze to get directions to Sushi Mentai!

Sushi Mentai Singapore
Address: 18 Yishun Ave 9 #01-23, Junction Nine Singapore 768897
Operating hours:
Mon to Fri (12pm – 3pm | 5pm – 9:30pm )
Weekends and Public holidays ( 12pm – 9:30pm )
Official Singapore Website:http://sushi-mentai.com.sg
Regional website:http://www.sushi-mentai.com
Facebook:Sushi Mentai Singapore


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