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The Watch from a Bygone Era: Chaplin by Don Kylne & Co

A watch is a watch, is a watch

…. that may be what the majority believe, but for the discerning individual, the watch on your wrist should communicate more than the time. It should display your penchant for finer things and desire to live your life outside the mundane box. To that end, take a moment to consider The Chaplin watch by Don Kylne & Co. More than just a timepiece, it is a masterpiece of art what does viagra do for a man and form.

Roaring onto the Scene


When you think about an era in US history that screams flair, prosperity and a cultural edge, you must turn your attention to the roaring 20’s. During this time in the world, art deco blossomed and jazz took the music world by storm. To say this was a time of artistic and cultural dynamism, would be putting it mildly.

It is this very essence the creators sought to pour into the design of the Don Kylne watch and they succeeded beyond their wildest imagination.

Don Kylne

These watches began as a dream and to commemorate that idea, the first 500 will be engraved with the phrase Rêveurs Comme Nous, which means dreamers like us. This refers to the team that had a vision and passion to bring the discerning individual a watch to write home about (if they so choose).
At this point, you are probably wondering about the specifics of these artistic treasures, and who could blame you? Without further ado, here is what you can expect from your very own Don Kylne timepiece.

Each watch has deliberately rounded edges. There are no sharp edges, no matter what way you turn it or angle you view it from. This cushion design style could be representative of life’s ups and downs, it is not exactly square, but it is not round either.

Image Credit: Don Kylne & Co

These watches may harken to the days of the prosperous 20’s but they have a decidedly modern construction, which includes anti-reflection treatment, and reliable Miyota movement This is a pure mechanical movement which means it is not battery powered and is water resistant to 50m.

If you are a person who enjoys the finer things in life you will be happy to learn that each elegant watch will be numbered from 001-500, which is where the production run will end. No matter what or how much people scream for more, there will only ever be 500 units of any particular design and that fact will be permanently etched.
Are there flashier watches out there? Of course, but don’t they kind of seem like they are screaming “look at me”? The Chaplin is fashionable, artistic and even though it is difficult to attribute emotions to an inanimate object, you could say it rests quietly on your wrist with a cool smooth confidence.

As you have learned about this timepiece, you may have subconsciously been tallying the potential cost in your head. To our delight, the Chaplin actually come in at a respectable and modest price point for a watch of this quality with all its maker’s attention to detail. Of course, this is bound to increase upon the success of Don Kyle’s maiden line.
Whether you are a closet flapper or you simply pride yourself on walking to the beat of your own drum, the Chaplin is worth a second glance.

Have you been imagining the weighted feel of this gorgeous watch resting gently against your wrist? If you are, Pre-orders can be made on the official website located at www.donkylne.com.
Our take: Why wait until you have to scour the world for your own limited edition stainless steel or gold colored art timepiece? The watch is as elegant as it is reliable – and it has won this writer over.

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